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Polygraph exams in support of criminal defense or civil matters.
When retained by counsel all information is protected by the attorney client privilege.

Fidelity, Pre-employment and Supervised Treatment Tests Also Available.



Chief Polygraph Examiner Rex McEvoy retired from the Beverly Hills Police Department as manager of the polygraph program. Affiliated with Jack Trimarco & Associates of Beverly Hills, Rex founded Applied Polygraph Inc. Exams are provided with same day verbal results. If requested, corroborating written opinions are provided. Written opinions are supported by triple check review by the primary examiner, then scored with the latest computer software and finally blind (redacted) scored by a law enforcement forensic examiner. Tests are conducted privately in Beverly Hills, Pasadena or your office. With a court order tests may be conducted at any holding facility. Full service consulting and quality control review of opposing polygraphs are available.  CV and sample report are available. 

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Rex has conducted over 3,000 forensic and pre-employment exams for multiple agencies, private businesses and attorneys throughout the nation.  He served as chairman of the ethics committee for the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE). He  currently serves as  Vice President of CAPE and sits on the State of California Sex Offender Management Board’s polygraph sub-committee. 

How We Help

Confidential polygraph services are provided for attorneys  engaged in criminal defense or civil litigation who are interested in truth verification, government agencies as well as  qualified private companies engaged in background checks, supervised treatment of convicted sex offenders, and spouses who need to know.  Exam reports and information are privileged and private.  They can be conducted in Farsi, Spanish, Vietnamese and Armenian. 

Experience the Difference

Examinations are conducted confidentially using the latest sensors and equipment. Our examiners were trained and qualified at polygraph schools accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA).  They are all members in good standing of CAPE, California's oldest professional polygraph association.  Each examiner adheres to national standards and participates in on-going training.  Verbal opinions are submitted the same day as exams.  Written opinions are corroborated by computer algorithm and the blind review of a police forensic polygraph examiner.  Trimarco and Associates with Applied Polygraph, Inc. is not a one person operation.  It is an affiliation of multiple professional polygraph examiners. 

Our Services

Confidential Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Fidelity and "Me Too" Truth Verification

Polygraphs reports are protected by attorney client privilege when  the examiner is retained by counsel. All results are submitted  only to examinee's counsel.  Corroborating written reports are provided only to examinee's counsel and are prepared for your possible presentation to the opposing council for their hostile forensic examiner's review. Charts are hand scored by examiner, double scored by computer algorythm software and triple (blind chart review) scored by a 2nd examiner who is an active duty Police Forensic Examiner.   The scientifically validated Federal You Phase format is used for a single issue or statement verification of multiple issues. Exams may be conducted in any holding or detention facility with a court order. The client determines the specific issue(s) but the examiner must write the actual test questions. CV and sample (redacted) report are available upon request.  All fees are paid prior to service and are non-refundable.


Sex Offender Treatment And Containment

Post Convicted Sex Offender Treatment (PCSOT) Los Angeles County Probation Department approved. California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE), California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) and American Polygraph Association (APA) compliant. 


Applicant testing for government and (qualifying) private employers.  HPPA, EPPA compliant, Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Tests (LEPET) and tailored private employer exams. Multiple examiners are available for testing of several applicants simultaneously for expedited hiring process.  Sample report available. 

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